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When pupils

Then aloud calls a noun in singular.Who has the corresponding card, at once responds.The same with patrimonial forms or with all four at once.When pupils mastered this material, it is possible to offer another followin the most difficult.Here homonyms and antonyms, that is the words having identical writin but different sense or, on the contrary, differently written, but having the same sense are presented.All groups of words are one after another written down in the small notebooks, which children can take home to reread.


Write down in the telephone book phone number of the toxicological center serving your area or the city.Store chemicals, such as washing and washing powders, means for cleanin polishings and other toxic products in the case locked from the child or a room.Establish latches on doors of auxiliary rooms or doors of cases.Alcoholic beverages also should settle down in the locked cases or rooms.If the garage settles down near the house, check, gasoline, kerosene, insecticides and pesticides are stored in what condition, fertilizers for top dressing of plants.


It is possible to come nearer infinitely to an ideal, but with each step you feel the slightest deviations from it more sharply.The great artist sees beauty of the one and only detail among a set of others, ugly.He most clearly understands an essence fine which so depends on any formal disproportions.Something similar occurs and with good and evil distinction though the good is more necessary in life, than the beauty, and the evil represents big danger, than ugliness.At animals the instinct of selfpreservation forcing them to show an infinite variety of behavioural forms, directed on maintenance and protection of own life is strongly developed.

Again we look

The merchant sells cherries.Again we look for the necessary card.We learn number during game in shop after a dinner.The next morning we show the corresponding figure.Then we bear in card shop with familiar figures and there we try to recognize them.Calculation gives rise to new number.The next morning we show the corresponding figure.And so on.That game in shop was more interestin we discuss quality of sold subjects it should be excellent.Children should examine attentively purchase in all details, to refuse the goods of bad quality, to ask to replace the rejected thing.


We will consider the mission executed if our book helps you with difficult business of leaving in the child of the first year of life.CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Care of an umbilical wound The majority of children arrive home from hospital with a wound of an umbilical ring.Not less than days for healing and complete falling away of a crust from an umbilical ring are required.For maintenance of a healthy condition of a wound it is necessary to contain it in a pure and dry look.Care of an umbilical wound is not required big efforts.

For determination

But what were forms of control of mistakes from mechanical to more difficult, psychological, they are obligatory for all materials and are determined, as well as other characteristics, by reaction of the child, on that, how long he is ready to concentrate the attention on a subject, how many time is ready to repeat exercise.For determination of quality of materials there are different criteria.If materials are made very precisely, they provoke the ordered process of independent training which is so corresponding to internal state of the pupil that at some instant there is a new psychological quality, a certain highest level of development.


These are the first fairy tales The child and Mothers – fairy tales for adaptation and mother and the kid.They are simple and naive, and are calculated for two; but kickshaws they only seem.Actually it is most important trifles, because they open the road to new big life.Here all is important the mimicry, gestures, and what voice, and with what intonation address to to the kid.And he also dozes, and at the same time all the sense organs as though feels the world … The kid as the sponge, absorbs information about the world and about itself.


These materials are technically perfect, but I intuitively created something similar.As to an image of the child as it is represented by the author, basic elements are taken from known works of modern psychologists.Creating so bright s devoted to psychology of the child, M.Montessori understood, undoubtedly, as to problems which will infinitely decide as life endlessly presents the new facts.Describing the didactic materials, it does not deny similarity of separate elements to traditional grants and toys.Let separate elements a method essentially other are similar.

At last, when

Contemplation from a window of the boys who are joyfully taking from tanks every possible stuff, proceeds some evenings in a row.Every time mother says to Andryusha that is bad boys.At last, when once again Andryusha remove from a window sill to distract it from boyish fuss near a dustbin, he exclaims As I want to be the bad boy! From V.S.Mukhina's materials.Children, becoming is more senior and understanding essence of a negative ethical standard, keep emotional interest to a negative act.This interest is expressed already not in the open statement As I want to be the bad boy!, and indirectly.

From supervision

So, Serezha of the Xth., on the proposal of the experimenter to wipe a wet table a handkerchief answers It is impossible scarf to be a ra only a scarf to me and a doll.From supervision In, I am Kislenko.For the child of early age becomes important to use a subject of its functional purpose in game and in a real situation the subject with the function assigned to it acts for it only in the primary appointment.'The results of research received in real situations, showed that children of early age strongly acquire public directions of use of things and to break instructions for use a subject obviously do not want.


Children echo scale, gradually their voices become purer and more harmonious.Anything the general with loud children's choruses from usual schools.In one class children thought up such exercise.The pupil quietly played scale on hand bells the others sang.It was pleasant to them much more, than traditional children's songs which actually at all are not suitable for the first vocal exercises because of difficulties with words, with a pronunciation, with need to transfer mood to reproduce big intervals, etc Children very quickly learned notes though outright such task was not put.

M, Page

L.Mary Poppins.M, Page as which blows from familiar household things.The endured horror leaves far ~far.But the book of Trevers never would become favourite many generationschildren of the whole world if business came to an end so prosaically.Telling a sconce ~at that in the evening history of the adventure, Jane again looked at a dishalso found there visible traces of that, as it, and Mary Poppins action ~telno visited that world.On a green lawn of a dish remained to lie about ~the scarf wounded by Mary with her initials, and a knee of one of the drawnboys and remained Jane tied up by a handkerchief.That is~ the truth that two worlds That and This coexist.

From the diary

And once told obviously happy and joyful tone in the evening Mother if you is still sick tomorrow, I will do you slices sandwiches.From the diary K Stern.Here tenderness to sick mother gave way to pleasure concerning possibility to carry out a role adult, to sponsor the patient.Feelings of younger and average preschool children in relation to the contemporaries who are not members of the family, usually do not happen at all especially long.Supervision over friendly manifestations of children in kindergarten showed that in overwhelming majority of cases the child is on friendly terms alternately with many children depending on circumstances.

The child

Speech far gains not at once this regulating value in behavior of the child.The child seizes ability verbally to direct and regulate own actions, applying to itself the most those forms of government behavior which to it were applied earlier by adults.At the beginning of the preschool childhood though the child already well understands speech and widely uses it at communication with people around, he is not able to carry out yet according to the verbal instruction a little difficult actions.Instructions of adults can induce it to begin action or to stop it.

Time we speak

They are determined by reaction of the child.So, qualitative characteristics of a subject are determined during a series of experiments by activity which they provoke in children, whose long exercises with the same subject show a selftraining phenomenon.Among various qualities of our materials of special attention one deserves, lifting activity on higher intellectual level possibility of control of mistakes.Time we speak about selftrainin it is necessary, that the incentive not only provoked activity, but also directed it.The child not simply long time is engaged with any subjects, its exercises should be faultless.All properties of materials are defined not only as far as they draw attention of children, but also as far as allow to supervise mistakes, that is demand activity of the highest level comparisons and reasonings.

You master

Here some ideas on snack.You master letters and syllables Think up fantastic Bukvograd.Here amicably there live different letters, but once the letter And it was lost … In an organism all is necessary for the person and there is nothing superfluous.As I it is arranged – it interests all kids.The fairy tale how argued the right leg and left who from them is more necessary or the right handle and left, or the neck and the head just will appear in a subject.The fairy tale about a tadpole who lost the tail and left on I dry.The fairy tale about Fish – a shark – the big traveler and a small fish – the bore who floats, holding it.

If ~ events

More often children embody this installation spontaneously.If ~ events of children's life, it appears, what exactly during time ~bodny independent walks when the child is provided to itself,does not hurry up anywhere, its involuntary operates in own mode,the attention works most actively and productively, noting everything a little ~ attractive objects.It provides constant ~vaniye of surrounding space, change of the points of view and variety ~ impressions.It is psychologically important that the child has no rigid purposes,anybody does not hurry him, it can detain the attention that to itit was pleasant, so much, how many it would be desirable.

The knowledge

Otherwise the pedagogics should operate blindly, gradually groping the most effective ways of impact on the child.The knowledge of children's psychology is necessary and for practice of training and education of children.The most important condition of successful carrying out educational and educational work in kindergarten is the understanding of regularities of mental development of the child, knowledge of emotional and intellectual features of children, and also their tendencies and interests.The knowledge of psychology helps the tutor to come into contact to children, to direct their development, helps to warn employees of kindergarten against many mistakes in education.

Spa ~the sobnost

As on ~niya in Ancient Egypt, as on ancient icons or in painting Soso ~.Children's ability to see big in small to make in ~the scientific research institute of transformation of scale of visible space is defined alsothose ways by means of which the child introduces there sense.Spa ~the sobnost to symbolical interpretation of the visible allows the child, ~ words of the poet to show on a jelly dish slanting cheekbones of the ocean, for examplein a bowl of soup to see the lake with the underwater world.In it to the child internallythose principles on which the tradition of creation Japanese ~ is based are closecomrade.

Enjoy proximity. Interaction

Moral development

Normally the child is full of good intentions in the future that gives to it the grounds on positive selfimage and aspiration to be good in relation to surrounding people still today.FORMATION of MORAL QUALITIES of the PERSONALITY§ Positive achievements and negative educations in personality development Conditions of moral development of the identity of the child.Moral development of the identity of the child is defined by the following forming knowledge of norms, behavior habits, emotional relation to ethical standards and internal position of the child.Paramount value for development of the child as social being has knowledge of standards of behavior.

As it is possible

And now rise by nosochka above, above! Slightly Skuchnoooo!slightly hesitate and sharply fall.At whom heels knocked more loudly After several such repetitions weight in the head and fatigue disappears.Secret training.The main thing and the only stipulation it and all similar exercises are carried out slowly.As it is possible more slowly.And it is possible to work with any part of the body.By the way, if you teach such secret exercise the child and it will be pleasant to it, represent, what will be advantage for a figure and for health in general! For example, you train muscles of an abdominal tension.

A piece of a paper

The slice where it is written loves, we put on a rectangle predicate.Who loves It.A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscription subject.She loves whom Child.A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscription direct object.What child The.A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscriptiondefinition.Loves as Gently.A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscription adverbial modifier of manner.The offer ended.Gradually the pupil will learn to distinguish a direct object from indirect, an adverbial modifier of manner from an adverbial modifier of place or time.

Attach adjectives

Look, what form at a water surface, and attach the necessary plates concave, convex.– Take different subjects the paper filter, a waterproof fabric, a sponge, look, whether they pass water.Attach adjectives porous, blotted, waterproof.– Take transparent glass, a slice of black paper, a slice of the oiled paper and look through them at light.Attach adjectives transparent, opaque, translucent.Adjectives in positive, comparative and in a superlative degree simple orders It is possible to compare weight.We pour in a glass with water oil or the alcohol tinted by aniline, we put in water a stopper or lead slice.

The child

On a final syllable of the last word do an accent and during this moment tickle the child horns.Tickle the child in a tummy, handles, a foot, a forehead.Now, when you will put the accent on the last syllable, the kid will start to laugh loudly and draw in to a leg and handle trunk.Be not fond of shchekotaniye process.You should designate it easily only.Repeat the sounds said by the kid Plant the child to itself on knees.Say some syllables which he usually says.The child with surprise will listen to you.Then will try to join in conversation.Such communication stimulates desire to communicate as equals.

Children, rotating

However claim on a significant place among contemporaries finds for it personal sense.Claim suppression on the best place generates envy.Attempt to observe envy emergence in specially constructed situations of fate game was undertaken.Groups on three children for this purpose stole up.Experiment was carried out on children of five, six and seven years.Children, rotating a roulette, gathered points which defined movement of their counters to the finish.They believed that the success is defined by their luck.


If one of ranks of counters is longer, it incontestably testifies that a subject to which there corresponds this row, more, if ranks are identical, subjects are identical also.The further course of formation of concept consists in organizing transition of the child from external rough actions to actions in mind.Thus external means are replaced with verbal designation.Receiving the corresponding task, the child gradually ceases to use a real measure, and instead argues on quantities, meaning measurement possibility.In these reasonings it is not forced down any more by change of appearance of subjects, the knowledge appears more strongly than direct impression.

It means that

It means that the central moment in developing training of children before receipt in school formation at them of actions which enter into a rough part of subject activity, games, drawin designing etc.It the actions directed on clarification of properties of subjects and possibilities of their use in subject activity, on the analysis of subjects, the phenomena, events, human acts which are displayed in games, drawings, on creation of plans of designs, drawings, games and search of ways of their embodiment.Training to the actions relating to a practical, working part of children's kinds of activity to equipment of drawin designin use of subjects and toys, is not less necessary, as without them activity cannot be carried out.

You look, in some

Diplomas distribute modestly, in corridors.Medals became less.The book, something useful becomes encouragement even more often.Particles of common sense got even into school.You look, in some years of pupils will award soap, a cut on a dress.And confidentially.The main thing that it was valid an award for the child.But anybody in the heat of pedagogical discussions concerning estimation did not wonder, for what good deed the award is given, for what evil punish Before pushing children to implementation of a certain task, probably, it is necessary to understand, the task is how important.

The stage

Children are more sure of themselves.They act purposefully and easier find the main exercise.All of us see still two phases of successful continuous work.It is possible to call one the involvement period, another a stage of lot of work.The stage of involvement is much shorter than a lot of work.The rest, being characterized sense of relief, serenity and rest, comes after the maximum tension dies away.If the child to interrupt before, at the moment of increase of working tension, it will look tired, either raised, or diffused.

And we already

There would be da lessons did orPhoto M.SanfirovFig.And we already on a roof! in a circle ~ were engaged according to mother of the baby nods.Orto mothers on an economy would help, more advantage than to gad a podder ~ their third woman.Let's try to analyse and generalize our supervision now.Let's ask themselves a traditional educational question which usually put beforethe child adults when learn it to understand images in books That youyou see on this picture On this illustration from the book modern grew ~siysky life we saw three children of younger school age, whichrestlessly wandered on a playground of the native square, tryingto find, where by it to be stuck.

Zaryana and Nina

As a last resort, if there is nobody younger to hand over for a while and it with senior diligent puts in your conversation wait evenings, put it to bed and please.Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.What to do, if.How to talk to the senior Do not hurry up.Let's to the child time cool down, thaw from indignation, to collect thoughts in a small group.And the main thin manage to cool down.If the daughter flew up to you and speaks, speaks, speaks do not interrupt, do not accuse, and listen.Simply listen.If does not approach, if da keeps silent turns away it worse, it means she does not believe that you will understand it.

Social development

Aspiration development to a moral act.As behavior reference points for the child the contemporaries who are popular in children's group serve also.Assimilation of moral standards goes in the course of communication with them in group where the child constantly faces need to put into practice acquired standards of behavior in relation to other people, to adapt these norms and rules for various concrete situations.Social development just also consists that the person learns to choose the behavior depending on a concrete situation.Influence on the child from adults and contemporaries is carried out mainly in the course of activity.

Arina lived

The cat thoughtthought there is nothin it is necessary to go milk to extract.Went to shop, and shop of milk is not present – too came to an end.What to do There is nothin it is necessary to ask to help Arina.Arina lived in the same house, where a cat with kittens, only on the third floor.The gray cat called, the door opened.– That to you, a cat, it is necessary – Arina asked it.– Pour milk to me in a bidonchik, – the gray cat, – mine asked kittens want to drink, and milk at us came to an end.– Well, – Arina told, – I will help you.Only the milk I already drank.

Went – went

In an udder by the evening it is much gathered milk.The cow gave a full can of milk to them.Thanked a kind cow a cat with Arina, said goodbye, sat down to the car also went back, home.Went – went on the road, by a meadow, by the wood, by small houses and bi and here to the to the house arrived, on Zelyonaya Street.And milk brought.The gray cat poured milk in saucers.And to a white kitten, and to black kitten, both red kitten, and kitten striped.


Plateaus, platyitsa somehow still anythin and here the toys soonly with scandal.And what to do It is necessary to an orderto accustom.AMBULANCEKids do not like to clean after themselves onlyin two cases when do not know, how it to do; when this business is connected with any nepriyatnost.Will begin with the second this case most easier to correct.Order and disorder in the opinion of adult and children's look absolutely differently.It seems to you that toys at all on a place, and for the kid just where it is necessary always near at hand.Therefore cleans somehow is not able.


The child reaches for a toy that to one, other hand and, trying to grasp it, moves ahead a little.Gradually the movements conducting to movin are fixed, turn into a way of movement.Originally arising low crawling on a stomach then is gradually replaced by high crawling on all fours.Mastering by independent walking actually human way of movement is preceded by rather long period of time during which the child learns to rise by legs, to stand, holding any support, to cross, stand without a support, at last, to go with a support.

As it ~ children, right

Treasures were distributed betweenthree lucky persons, and next day they already sported in fashionable thensailor's with the sewed shoulder straps and asterisks.As it ~ children, right there had a legend that in a win near whichthere were tanks, there lives the officer with the mad wife.When it cleans ~that, in madness sometimes throws out valuable things and if it is attentive about ~trust every day contents of garbage tanks, sooner or later a naver ~ it will be possible to find still ~ the remarkable.

Fig. Going

If ~ there

Oneit is possible to tell anything children's is not alien to the adult.Usually around everyone ~ attractive to children ~hundred they created many collective and individual imaginations.If ~ there is no variety of environment, by means of such a tvor ~chesky imagination they finish a place, leading up the relationto it to the necessary level of interest, respect, fear.In the summer we lived in Vyrits's settlement near Petersburg.Near to oursdachas there was a house of one woman.Among children of our alley the history went aboutvolume as this woman invited children to itself to tea and children disappeared.

The mimicry

At the age of eight weeks the child is yet capable to react to a history essence independently emotionally.The mimicry prompt to the kid as it is necessary to react to the told.Game in a hand bell Find a small hand bell for game with the kid.Call a hand bell near to an ear of the child.Slowly move a hand bell to other ear, continuing to call in it.Transfer kolokolGames rally a family and, besides, promote physical and intellectual development of the child.V JAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK of LIFE a chik in sight of the kid MATURED.

It is good

The teacher briefly explains that the additional can stand at the beginnin in the end and in the middle of the offer, can break off the main clause it will be visually visible, punctuation marks will coincide with gaps more often that will facilitate assimilation of punctuation rules.It is good to use examples from fiction.And it is possible to offer the brokenoff offers that pupils restored an order, found the most beautiful option.And it is possible to give the whole paper roll, and let children break off it on a part and display on table cells.

So, protect

The most widespread mistakes the chair is incorrectly established on a car seat; automobile seat belts are carried incorrectly out through a chair, and sometimes and not carried out at all;Automobile seat a subject necessary for the child since the first day of life BEFORE THE BIRTH OF THE CHILD the children's seat is too great for the kid; seat belts of the most children's seat are not carefully adjusted to the child; the inattentive zashchelkivaniye of seat belts of a children's chair leads to that in practice the child remains not fastened.So, protect the child.Do not allow a car start of motion while your kid is not set in a children's seat and will not fasten seat belts.

Do not insist, of course, and simply

And it began to live at it.It is interesting that usually child prefers to compose fairy tales any one type technical or adventure, or household, or about animals, etc.In itself it not badly and speaks about that, than the person especially is fond.But after all try to expand children's repertoire a broad outlook and different abilities still to anybody in lives did not prevent.Do not insist, of course, and simply tell different fairy tales, induce interest to variety and harmonies of the world.Boys like to compose technical and as called their one kid, srazhatelny fairy tales.


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