The mimicry

The mimicry At the age of eight weeks the child is yet capable to react to a history essence independently emotionally.

The mimicry prompt to the kid as it is necessary to react to the told.

Game in a hand bell Find a small hand bell for game with the kid.

Call a hand bell near to an ear of the child.

Slowly move a hand bell to other ear, continuing to call in it.

Transfer kolokolGames rally a family and, besides, promote physical and intellectual development of the child.

V JAS the CHILD FOR the th WEEK of LIFE a chik in sight of the kid MATURED.

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It is good

It is good The teacher briefly explains that the additional can stand at the beginnin in the end and in the middle of the offer, can break off the main clause it will be visually visible, punctuation marks will coincide with gaps more often that will facilitate assimilation of punctuation rules.

It is good to use examples from fiction.

And it is possible to offer the brokenoff offers that pupils restored an order, found the most beautiful option.

And it is possible to give the whole paper roll, and let children break off it on a part and display on table cells.

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So, protect

So, protect The most widespread mistakes the chair is incorrectly established on a car seat; automobile seat belts are carried incorrectly out through a chair, and sometimes and not carried out at all;Automobile seat a subject necessary for the child since the first day of life BEFORE THE BIRTH OF THE CHILD the children's seat is too great for the kid; seat belts of the most children's seat are not carefully adjusted to the child; the inattentive zashchelkivaniye of seat belts of a children's chair leads to that in practice the child remains not fastened.

So, protect the child.

Do not allow a car start of motion while your kid is not set in a children's seat and will not fasten seat belts.

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Do not insist, of course, and simply

Do not insist, of course, and simply And it began to live at it.

It is interesting that usually child prefers to compose fairy tales any one type technical or adventure, or household, or about animals, etc.

In itself it not badly and speaks about that, than the person especially is fond.

But after all try to expand children's repertoire a broad outlook and different abilities still to anybody in lives did not prevent.

Do not insist, of course, and simply tell different fairy tales, induce interest to variety and harmonies of the world.

Boys like to compose technical and as called their one kid, srazhatelny fairy tales.

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