AMBULANCEKids Plateaus, platyitsa somehow still anythin and here the toys soonly with scandal.

And what to do It is necessary to an orderto accustom.

AMBULANCEKids do not like to clean after themselves onlyin two cases when do not know, how it to do; when this business is connected with any nepriyatnost.

Will begin with the second this case most easier to correct.

Order and disorder in the opinion of adult and children's look absolutely differently.

It seems to you that toys at all on a place, and for the kid just where it is necessary always near at hand.

Therefore cleans somehow is not able.

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Originally The child reaches for a toy that to one, other hand and, trying to grasp it, moves ahead a little.

Gradually the movements conducting to movin are fixed, turn into a way of movement.

Originally arising low crawling on a stomach then is gradually replaced by high crawling on all fours.

Mastering by independent walking actually human way of movement is preceded by rather long period of time during which the child learns to rise by legs, to stand, holding any support, to cross, stand without a support, at last, to go with a support.

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As it ~ children, right

As it ~ children, right Treasures were distributed betweenthree lucky persons, and next day they already sported in fashionable thensailor's with the sewed shoulder straps and asterisks.

As it ~ children, right there had a legend that in a win near whichthere were tanks, there lives the officer with the mad wife.

When it cleans ~that, in madness sometimes throws out valuable things and if it is attentive about ~trust every day contents of garbage tanks, sooner or later a naver ~ it will be possible to find still ~ the remarkable.

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Fig. Going

Fig. Going And I small, and me it is pardonable.


Going to a terrible place, it would be desirable to have a number of the satellite Passes a little more time, and for younger school students, especiallyboys, research of a terrible place appears group Day ~the stvo having at once some psychological purposes.

It becomestest of bravery and at the same time its training.

It gives ~nost to satisfy research instincts, and also desire personally ~ selfaffirmation.

It and a way of clarification of the status of each participant ingroup hierarchy because limits of possibilities of everyone it is evidentare shown in where who stops.

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If ~ there

If ~ there Oneit is possible to tell anything children's is not alien to the adult.

Usually around everyone ~ attractive to children ~hundred they created many collective and individual imaginations.

If ~ there is no variety of environment, by means of such a tvor ~chesky imagination they finish a place, leading up the relationto it to the necessary level of interest, respect, fear.

In the summer we lived in Vyrits's settlement near Petersburg.

Near to oursdachas there was a house of one woman.

Among children of our alley the history went aboutvolume as this woman invited children to itself to tea and children disappeared.

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