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And we already

And we already There would be da lessons did orPhoto M.


And we already on a roof! in a circle ~ were engaged according to mother of the baby nods.

Orto mothers on an economy would help, more advantage than to gad a podder ~ their third woman.

Let's try to analyse and generalize our supervision now.

Let's ask themselves a traditional educational question which usually put beforethe child adults when learn it to understand images in books That youyou see on this picture On this illustration from the book modern grew ~siysky life we saw three children of younger school age, whichrestlessly wandered on a playground of the native square, tryingto find, where by it to be stuck.

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Zaryana and Nina

Zaryana and Nina As a last resort, if there is nobody younger to hand over for a while and it with senior diligent puts in your conversation wait evenings, put it to bed and please.

Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

How to talk to the senior Do not hurry up.

Let's to the child time cool down, thaw from indignation, to collect thoughts in a small group.

And the main thin manage to cool down.

If the daughter flew up to you and speaks, speaks, speaks do not interrupt, do not accuse, and listen.

Simply listen.

If does not approach, if da keeps silent turns away it worse, it means she does not believe that you will understand it.

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Social development

Social development Aspiration development to a moral act.

As behavior reference points for the child the contemporaries who are popular in children's group serve also.

Assimilation of moral standards goes in the course of communication with them in group where the child constantly faces need to put into practice acquired standards of behavior in relation to other people, to adapt these norms and rules for various concrete situations.

Social development just also consists that the person learns to choose the behavior depending on a concrete situation.

Influence on the child from adults and contemporaries is carried out mainly in the course of activity.

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Arina lived

Arina lived The cat thoughtthought there is nothin it is necessary to go milk to extract.

Went to shop, and shop of milk is not present – too came to an end.

What to do There is nothin it is necessary to ask to help Arina.

Arina lived in the same house, where a cat with kittens, only on the third floor.

The gray cat called, the door opened.

– That to you, a cat, it is necessary – Arina asked it.

– Pour milk to me in a bidonchik, – the gray cat, – mine asked kittens want to drink, and milk at us came to an end.

– Well, – Arina told, – I will help you.

Only the milk I already drank.

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Went – went

Went – went In an udder by the evening it is much gathered milk.

The cow gave a full can of milk to them.

Thanked a kind cow a cat with Arina, said goodbye, sat down to the car also went back, home.

Went – went on the road, by a meadow, by the wood, by small houses and bi and here to the to the house arrived, on Zelyonaya Street.

And milk brought.

The gray cat poured milk in saucers.

And to a white kitten, and to black kitten, both red kitten, and kitten striped.

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