Children, rotating

Children, rotating However claim on a significant place among contemporaries finds for it personal sense.

Claim suppression on the best place generates envy.

Attempt to observe envy emergence in specially constructed situations of fate game was undertaken.

Groups on three children for this purpose stole up.

Experiment was carried out on children of five, six and seven years.

Children, rotating a roulette, gathered points which defined movement of their counters to the finish.

They believed that the success is defined by their luck.

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Receiving If one of ranks of counters is longer, it incontestably testifies that a subject to which there corresponds this row, more, if ranks are identical, subjects are identical also.

The further course of formation of concept consists in organizing transition of the child from external rough actions to actions in mind.

Thus external means are replaced with verbal designation.

Receiving the corresponding task, the child gradually ceases to use a real measure, and instead argues on quantities, meaning measurement possibility.

In these reasonings it is not forced down any more by change of appearance of subjects, the knowledge appears more strongly than direct impression.

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It means that

It means that It means that the central moment in developing training of children before receipt in school formation at them of actions which enter into a rough part of subject activity, games, drawin designing etc.

It the actions directed on clarification of properties of subjects and possibilities of their use in subject activity, on the analysis of subjects, the phenomena, events, human acts which are displayed in games, drawings, on creation of plans of designs, drawings, games and search of ways of their embodiment.

Training to the actions relating to a practical, working part of children's kinds of activity to equipment of drawin designin use of subjects and toys, is not less necessary, as without them activity cannot be carried out.

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You look, in some

You look, in some Diplomas distribute modestly, in corridors.

Medals became less.

The book, something useful becomes encouragement even more often.

Particles of common sense got even into school.

You look, in some years of pupils will award soap, a cut on a dress.

And confidentially.

The main thing that it was valid an award for the child.

But anybody in the heat of pedagogical discussions concerning estimation did not wonder, for what good deed the award is given, for what evil punish Before pushing children to implementation of a certain task, probably, it is necessary to understand, the task is how important.

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The stage

The stage Children are more sure of themselves.

They act purposefully and easier find the main exercise.

All of us see still two phases of successful continuous work.

It is possible to call one the involvement period, another a stage of lot of work.

The stage of involvement is much shorter than a lot of work.

The rest, being characterized sense of relief, serenity and rest, comes after the maximum tension dies away.

If the child to interrupt before, at the moment of increase of working tension, it will look tired, either raised, or diffused.

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