Moral development

Moral development Normally the child is full of good intentions in the future that gives to it the grounds on positive selfimage and aspiration to be good in relation to surrounding people still today.

FORMATION of MORAL QUALITIES of the PERSONALITY§ Positive achievements and negative educations in personality development Conditions of moral development of the identity of the child.

Moral development of the identity of the child is defined by the following forming knowledge of norms, behavior habits, emotional relation to ethical standards and internal position of the child.

Paramount value for development of the child as social being has knowledge of standards of behavior.

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As it is possible

As it is possibleAnd now rise by nosochka above, above! Slightly Skuchnoooo!slightly hesitate and sharply fall.

At whom heels knocked more loudly After several such repetitions weight in the head and fatigue disappears.

Secret training.

The main thing and the only stipulation it and all similar exercises are carried out slowly.

As it is possible more slowly.

And it is possible to work with any part of the body.

By the way, if you teach such secret exercise the child and it will be pleasant to it, represent, what will be advantage for a figure and for health in general! For example, you train muscles of an abdominal tension.

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A piece of a paper

A piece of a paper The slice where it is written loves, we put on a rectangle predicate.

Who loves It.

A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscription subject.

She loves whom Child.

A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscription direct object.

What child The.

A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscriptiondefinition.

Loves as Gently.

A piece of a paper tape with this word we put on a rectangle with an inscription adverbial modifier of manner.

The offer ended.

Gradually the pupil will learn to distinguish a direct object from indirect, an adverbial modifier of manner from an adverbial modifier of place or time.

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Attach adjectives

Attach adjectives Look, what form at a water surface, and attach the necessary plates concave, convex.

– Take different subjects the paper filter, a waterproof fabric, a sponge, look, whether they pass water.

Attach adjectives porous, blotted, waterproof.

– Take transparent glass, a slice of black paper, a slice of the oiled paper and look through them at light.

Attach adjectives transparent, opaque, translucent.

Adjectives in positive, comparative and in a superlative degree simple orders It is possible to compare weight.

We pour in a glass with water oil or the alcohol tinted by aniline, we put in water a stopper or lead slice.

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The child

The child On a final syllable of the last word do an accent and during this moment tickle the child horns.

Tickle the child in a tummy, handles, a foot, a forehead.

Now, when you will put the accent on the last syllable, the kid will start to laugh loudly and draw in to a leg and handle trunk.

Be not fond of shchekotaniye process.

You should designate it easily only.

Repeat the sounds said by the kid Plant the child to itself on knees.

Say some syllables which he usually says.

The child with surprise will listen to you.

Then will try to join in conversation.

Such communication stimulates desire to communicate as equals.

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