You master

You master Here some ideas on snack.

You master letters and syllables Think up fantastic Bukvograd.

Here amicably there live different letters, but once the letter And it was lost … In an organism all is necessary for the person and there is nothing superfluous.

As I it is arranged – it interests all kids.

The fairy tale how argued the right leg and left who from them is more necessary or the right handle and left, or the neck and the head just will appear in a subject.

The fairy tale about a tadpole who lost the tail and left on I dry.

The fairy tale about Fish – a shark – the big traveler and a small fish – the bore who floats, holding it.

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If ~ events

If ~ eventsMore often children embody this installation spontaneously.

If ~ events of children's life, it appears, what exactly during time ~bodny independent walks when the child is provided to itself,does not hurry up anywhere, its involuntary operates in own mode,the attention works most actively and productively, noting everything a little ~ attractive objects.

It provides constant ~vaniye of surrounding space, change of the points of view and variety ~ impressions.

It is psychologically important that the child has no rigid purposes,anybody does not hurry him, it can detain the attention that to itit was pleasant, so much, how many it would be desirable.

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The knowledge

The knowledge Otherwise the pedagogics should operate blindly, gradually groping the most effective ways of impact on the child.

The knowledge of children's psychology is necessary and for practice of training and education of children.

The most important condition of successful carrying out educational and educational work in kindergarten is the understanding of regularities of mental development of the child, knowledge of emotional and intellectual features of children, and also their tendencies and interests.

The knowledge of psychology helps the tutor to come into contact to children, to direct their development, helps to warn employees of kindergarten against many mistakes in education.

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Spa ~the sobnost

Spa ~the sobnost As on ~niya in Ancient Egypt, as on ancient icons or in painting Soso ~.

Children's ability to see big in small to make in ~the scientific research institute of transformation of scale of visible space is defined alsothose ways by means of which the child introduces there sense.

Spa ~the sobnost to symbolical interpretation of the visible allows the child, ~ words of the poet to show on a jelly dish slanting cheekbones of the ocean, for examplein a bowl of soup to see the lake with the underwater world.

In it to the child internallythose principles on which the tradition of creation Japanese ~ is based are closecomrade.

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Enjoy proximity. Interaction

Enjoy proximity. Interaction Try to loaf about.

Put the child on a stomach along the hands.

Clasp his head and cheeks hands.

Suggest the kid to pull alternately feet together with twitching of your hands.

Lay down on a bed.

The kid put on a breast.

Turn on one side the head of the kid so that he could hear your palpitation.

Enjoy proximity.

Interaction with the child in physiological aspect.

Researches show that at good contact of mother to the child it increases development a hormone of the hypophysis which is responsible for production of milk and oxytocin a hormone of the hypophysis which is responsible for reduction of uterine muscles.

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