Anything Children echo scale, gradually their voices become purer and more harmonious.

Anything the general with loud children's choruses from usual schools.

In one class children thought up such exercise.

The pupil quietly played scale on hand bells the others sang.

It was pleasant to them much more, than traditional children's songs which actually at all are not suitable for the first vocal exercises because of difficulties with words, with a pronunciation, with need to transfer mood to reproduce big intervals, etc Children very quickly learned notes though outright such task was not put.

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M, Page

M, PageL.

Mary Poppins.

M, Page as which blows from familiar household things.

The endured horror leaves far ~far.

But the book of Trevers never would become favourite many generationschildren of the whole world if business came to an end so prosaically.

Telling a sconce ~at that in the evening history of the adventure, Jane again looked at a dishalso found there visible traces of that, as it, and Mary Poppins action ~telno visited that world.

On a green lawn of a dish remained to lie about ~the scarf wounded by Mary with her initials, and a knee of one of the drawnboys and remained Jane tied up by a handkerchief.

That is~ the truth that two worlds That and This coexist.

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From the diary

From the diary And once told obviously happy and joyful tone in the evening Mother if you is still sick tomorrow, I will do you slices sandwiches.

From the diary K Stern.

Here tenderness to sick mother gave way to pleasure concerning possibility to carry out a role adult, to sponsor the patient.

Feelings of younger and average preschool children in relation to the contemporaries who are not members of the family, usually do not happen at all especially long.

Supervision over friendly manifestations of children in kindergarten showed that in overwhelming majority of cases the child is on friendly terms alternately with many children depending on circumstances.

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The child

The child Speech far gains not at once this regulating value in behavior of the child.

The child seizes ability verbally to direct and regulate own actions, applying to itself the most those forms of government behavior which to it were applied earlier by adults.

At the beginning of the preschool childhood though the child already well understands speech and widely uses it at communication with people around, he is not able to carry out yet according to the verbal instruction a little difficult actions.

Instructions of adults can induce it to begin action or to stop it.

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Time we speak

Time we speak They are determined by reaction of the child.

So, qualitative characteristics of a subject are determined during a series of experiments by activity which they provoke in children, whose long exercises with the same subject show a selftraining phenomenon.

Among various qualities of our materials of special attention one deserves, lifting activity on higher intellectual level possibility of control of mistakes.

Time we speak about selftrainin it is necessary, that the incentive not only provoked activity, but also directed it.

The child not simply long time is engaged with any subjects, its exercises should be faultless.

All properties of materials are defined not only as far as they draw attention of children, but also as far as allow to supervise mistakes, that is demand activity of the highest level comparisons and reasonings.

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