For determination

For determination But what were forms of control of mistakes from mechanical to more difficult, psychological, they are obligatory for all materials and are determined, as well as other characteristics, by reaction of the child, on that, how long he is ready to concentrate the attention on a subject, how many time is ready to repeat exercise.

For determination of quality of materials there are different criteria.

If materials are made very precisely, they provoke the ordered process of independent training which is so corresponding to internal state of the pupil that at some instant there is a new psychological quality, a certain highest level of development.

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Actually These are the first fairy tales The child and Mothers – fairy tales for adaptation and mother and the kid.

They are simple and naive, and are calculated for two; but kickshaws they only seem.

Actually it is most important trifles, because they open the road to new big life.

Here all is important the mimicry, gestures, and what voice, and with what intonation address to to the kid.

And he also dozes, and at the same time all the sense organs as though feels the world … The kid as the sponge, absorbs information about the world and about itself.

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Describing These materials are technically perfect, but I intuitively created something similar.

As to an image of the child as it is represented by the author, basic elements are taken from known works of modern psychologists.

Creating so bright s devoted to psychology of the child, M.

Montessori understood, undoubtedly, as to problems which will infinitely decide as life endlessly presents the new facts.

Describing the didactic materials, it does not deny similarity of separate elements to traditional grants and toys.

Let separate elements a method essentially other are similar.

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At last, when

At last, when Contemplation from a window of the boys who are joyfully taking from tanks every possible stuff, proceeds some evenings in a row.

Every time mother says to Andryusha that is bad boys.

At last, when once again Andryusha remove from a window sill to distract it from boyish fuss near a dustbin, he exclaims As I want to be the bad boy! From V.


Mukhina's materials.

Children, becoming is more senior and understanding essence of a negative ethical standard, keep emotional interest to a negative act.

This interest is expressed already not in the open statement As I want to be the bad boy!, and indirectly.

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From supervision

From supervision So, Serezha of the Xth.

, on the proposal of the experimenter to wipe a wet table a handkerchief answers It is impossible scarf to be a ra only a scarf to me and a doll.

From supervision In, I am Kislenko.

For the child of early age becomes important to use a subject of its functional purpose in game and in a real situation the subject with the function assigned to it acts for it only in the primary appointment.

'The results of research received in real situations, showed that children of early age strongly acquire public directions of use of things and to break instructions for use a subject obviously do not want.

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