When pupils

When pupils Then aloud calls a noun in singular.

Who has the corresponding card, at once responds.

The same with patrimonial forms or with all four at once.

When pupils mastered this material, it is possible to offer another followin the most difficult.

Here homonyms and antonyms, that is the words having identical writin but different sense or, on the contrary, differently written, but having the same sense are presented.

All groups of words are one after another written down in the small notebooks, which children can take home to reread.

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Alcoholic Write down in the telephone book phone number of the toxicological center serving your area or the city.

Store chemicals, such as washing and washing powders, means for cleanin polishings and other toxic products in the case locked from the child or a room.

Establish latches on doors of auxiliary rooms or doors of cases.

Alcoholic beverages also should settle down in the locked cases or rooms.

If the garage settles down near the house, check, gasoline, kerosene, insecticides and pesticides are stored in what condition, fertilizers for top dressing of plants.

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Something It is possible to come nearer infinitely to an ideal, but with each step you feel the slightest deviations from it more sharply.

The great artist sees beauty of the one and only detail among a set of others, ugly.

He most clearly understands an essence fine which so depends on any formal disproportions.

Something similar occurs and with good and evil distinction though the good is more necessary in life, than the beauty, and the evil represents big danger, than ugliness.

At animals the instinct of selfpreservation forcing them to show an infinite variety of behavioural forms, directed on maintenance and protection of own life is strongly developed.

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Again we look

Again we look The merchant sells cherries.

Again we look for the necessary card.

We learn number during game in shop after a dinner.

The next morning we show the corresponding figure.

Then we bear in card shop with familiar figures and there we try to recognize them.

Calculation gives rise to new number.

The next morning we show the corresponding figure.

And so on.

That game in shop was more interestin we discuss quality of sold subjects it should be excellent.

Children should examine attentively purchase in all details, to refuse the goods of bad quality, to ask to replace the rejected thing.

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CARE OF the CHILD We will consider the mission executed if our book helps you with difficult business of leaving in the child of the first year of life.

CARE OF the CHILD AND ACCESSORIES TO IT Care of an umbilical wound The majority of children arrive home from hospital with a wound of an umbilical ring.

Not less than days for healing and complete falling away of a crust from an umbilical ring are required.

For maintenance of a healthy condition of a wound it is necessary to contain it in a pure and dry look.

Care of an umbilical wound is not required big efforts.

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